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Software Project Manager - Autonomous Components
Siemens A/S
For our Autonomous Component software team within the Technology department we are looking for an ambitious and dedicated software project manager. The Autonomous Component software team is a part of the bigger software department with employees in Brande, Ballerup, Hamburg and India. We want to strengthen our innovative position within autonomous components (AC’s) and need a project manager primarily for the projects involving the team members located in Brande. AC’s are services which are used in a “micro-service” like architecture connected by a middleware.
Indrykket : 24-05-2017 Ansøgnings frist : 27-06-2017

Webdesigner søges til virksomhed i Kolding
Webdesigner søges til virksomhed i Kolding 37 timer om ugen. Virksomheden skal udvikle en platform som henvender sig bredt og de markedsføre deres egne og andres produkter. De hjælper folk med besparelser på daglig indkøb, rejser og tilbyder sunde produkter til de travle europæere på farten. Er dette et job for dig så send din ansøgning samt CV (gerne med anbefalinger) Til rekrutteringskonsulent Sanne Grüner på sang@kolding.dk (annoncen lukkes når den rette kandidat er fundet)
Indrykket : 24-05-2017 Ansøgnings frist : 01-06-2017

DevOps Engineer wanted for exciting company
Asgaard Recruitment
Are you looking to join one of the most successful games companies in the world? Well, here’s your chance! Sybo is seeking a DevOps Engineer – if you have the skills listed below, you may be just the person we are looking for. Your experience: You are a highly qualified software developer with an eye for detail.
Indrykket : 24-05-2017 Ansøgnings frist : 23-06-2017

IT Infrastructure System Manager in Diabetes Finished Products
Novo Nordisk A/S
Are you willing to take responsibility of the IT infrastructure at one of our key production facilities in Hillerød? We are looking for an engaged candidate willing to take ownership of the compliance and architecture of our IT infrastructure in a constantly changing and regulated environment. About the department You will be anchored in the IT and Automation organisation and can look forward to joining a highly dedicated team. You will be responsible for the IT infrastructure on our production facility and ensure that the infrastructure is operated in compliance with requirements.
Indrykket : 24-05-2017 Ansøgnings frist : 04-06-2017

UX/UI designer til innovationsenhed
Blockchain technology, machine learning, robotic process automation, conversational interfaces… Er du UX/UI designer med passion for ny teknologi og fremtidstrends?    I enheden Innovation og IT-udvikling arbejder vi med forretningsudvikling gennem teknologi og brugercentreret design. I den forbindelse leder vi efter en UX/UI designer, der kan indgå i vores tværfaglige agile teams og være en drivende kraft på spændende og fagligt udfordrende projekter ift.
Indrykket : 24-05-2017 Ansøgnings frist : 07-06-2017

Front-end Developer
Are you interested in big data and food science? And are you a skilled front-end developer with a knack for UX, then you are the one we are looking for. We have a team of best in class data scientists and developers, but we lack a person dedicated to creating the right front-end. Scio+ is an ambitious young company working at the forefront of data science in the food production sector.
Indrykket : 24-05-2017 Ansøgnings frist : 28-06-2017

Exerp is looking for more developers
About Company Exerp, is Europe’s leading provider of Enterprise systems for the health & fitness industry. Through our main Software-as-a-Service ERP product, The Exerp Platform, Exerp has been focusing exclusively on solving the specific needs of the large health & fitness operators.
Indrykket : 24-05-2017 Ansøgnings frist : 28-06-2017

Backend Developer
DESCRIPTION We're building a cloud only product to manage legal and compliance processes to help companies tackle corruption, training, incidents and audits. Up until now, this has been a tedious process involving boring forms and armies of consultants with excel sheets. But we are changing that. At GAN we want to build beautifully designed software that is easy to use and does not require a manual. How we work We work agile. We experiment, iterate and adapt, but we also like to get it right the first time. We like to materialise prototypes fast, and work from there.
Indrykket : 24-05-2017 Ansøgnings frist : 28-06-2017

Frontend Developer
DESCRIPTION We are looking for a skilled & dedicated developer to join our Copenhagen engineering team. The ideal candidate has experience with Angular (we use 1.6.x) and working with REST API’s to create a fantastic user experience. We value critical thinking and initiative to raise the bar in regards how our software is built. How we work We work agile. We experiment, iterate and adapt, but we also like to get it right the first time. We like to materialise prototypes fast, and work from there.
Indrykket : 24-05-2017 Ansøgnings frist : 28-06-2017

Selvstændig og analytisk anlagt webudvikler til fagligt skarpt og inspirerende udviklerteam (911429)
Aarhus Universitet
Aarhus Universitet (AU) har vedtaget en ambitiøs digitaliseringsstrategi, der skal medvirke til at skabe de bedste digitale rammer for universitetets medarbejdere og studerende.
Indrykket : 24-05-2017 Ansøgnings frist : 25-06-2017